Bangers And Mash


Bangers and mash, also known as sausages and mash, is a traditional English dish made of mashed potatoes and sausages, the latter of which may be one of a variety of flavored sausage made of pork or beef or a Cumberland sausage.  The dish is sometimes served with a rich onion gravy. It can also often be found served with fried onions.

This is the way I make it.  It’s different from the traditional way it’s made but it is very good, and very filling.  And the bonus part is that it’s not expensive to make and it’s easy.  🙂

1 package of Johnsonville Beer ‘n Bratwurst
1 small can of mushrooms
Brown Gravy (Homemade or packaged/jar, I make mine from scratch)
Mashed Potatoes (instant or homemade)
Vegetable of your choosing, we like the mixed vegetables with ours
Spicy Brown Mustard

Brown your Brats in a frying pan in a little bit of oil until they have a nice browned crust, making sure they are almost done.  Don’t poke them with a sharp object because then they are going to squirt juice everywhere and make a big mess.  Set them aside on a paper towel so that the grease can drain from them.

Use a separate pan or clean the one you just used and make your brown gravy in that, get it really thick then add the mushrooms and the Brats.  Let them simmer about 15 minutes.

While your Brats and gravy simmer, make your mashed potato’s up.  I use the instant so it’s easier.  If you are using the real spuds, you should start them boiling while you are browning your Brats.

Heat your vegetables up.

When everything is done, put your mashed potatoes on your plate then add your Brats on top, smother with your brown mushroom gravy, serve with the vegetables add salt and pepper to taste, squirt a little bit of the spicy brown mustard on your plate to dip your Brats in and you are ready for a delicious meal.


One Response to “Bangers And Mash”

  1. Hina Says:

    Whats your recipe for the gravy?

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