Redneck Margarita



This little concoction is my own creation, YUMMY!  Anyone that knows me knows that I am a huge Tequila fan, especially Cabo Wabo. Thanks to Sammy Hagar, and of course my father-in-law, Hippy Joe, who keeps me in good supply. Love ya Dad.

All you do is take a Mike’s Classic Margarita drink, about 1 oz of Cabo Wabo (blanco is what I use) and Kosher salt to taste.  Open your Mike’s and take a drink, leaving room for the tequila. Pour the tequila in the bottle, put your thumb over the top and gently stir.  Take whatever amount of salt that you prefer with your margarita and pour it in the bottle, thumb over the top and gently stir, carefully, it will foam on you and you don’t want to waste it.  BAM!!!!  Instant margarita without the hassle.  Make sure you have a 6-pack, because they go fast 🙂

And if you will notice, the recipe is in every category except breakfast, I don’t drink before 5:00


One Response to “Redneck Margarita”

  1. Dad Says:

    And it’s 5 o’clock somewhere ——————-

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