Primal Tuna Melt


IMG_1816Mark found this recipe online somewhere and wanted to try it.  I was not too sure about it, but it turned out wonderful.  We came up with some alterations to the recipe that we will try next time and I have added them below.

A tuna melt made without bread.


  • Tuna
  • Red Bell Pepper (or Yellow, Orange or Green) (We used the red pepper)
  • Cheese  (We used Provolone)


  1. Make Tuna (When you make the tuna, just add mayo, diced onion, and salt and pepper.  I also put a little garlic salt in mine.)
  2. Carve out Red Bell Pepper.
  3. Place Tuna inside Red Bell Pepper
  4. Top with sliced Cheese
  5. Broil until done.

UPDATE (July 28, 2010): Because the cheese melts so fast, I have found heating the pepper for a few minutes prior to Step 2 improves the flavor.

  • I broiled the pepper for two minutes before stuffing it with the tuna, then once it was stuffed I broiled it for another 2 minutes and it turned out perfect. The pepper was still crunchy and the cheese was bubbly and the tuna was heated through.
  • With just once slice of cheese we didn’t think that it was enough.  Our idea was to put another slice of cheese on the bottom, stuff the tuna then add another slice of cheese.
  • Another idea we had was maybe to put some cooked bacon on top of the tuna then put the cheese in it.

One Response to “Primal Tuna Melt”

  1. Mom Says:

    This is a great recipe to modify for one person. 1/2 bell pepper, tuna and topped with a slice of Tillamook Pepperjack. Yummy! This recipe is a keeper.

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