Jalapeno Biscuits


This recipe comes from Joy in Texas.  I must say,  these look incredible.


6 biscuits
Flour                                               9.69 oz
Baking Powder                           .605 oz
Granulated Sugar                      .81 oz
Salt                                                  .405 oz
Shortening                                   3.23 oz
Whole Eggs                                  6.69 oz
Shredded Cheddar                    2.275 oz
Diced Jalapeno                           .215 oz

12 biscuits
Flour                                             19.38 oz
Baking Powder                         1.21 oz
Granulated Sugar                    1.62 oz
Shortening                                 6.46 oz
Whole Eggs                                13.38 oz
Shredded Cheddar                 4.55 oz
Diced Jalapeno                        .43 oz


Mix flour sugar salt and baking powder.  Add shortening and cut into pea size or smaller chunks.
Mix liquids together, add to flour also add cheese and jalapenos and combine.
Lightly flour surface and knead lightly.  Press out to 1 inch thick and cut biscuits.
Bake 375 degrees for 10-12 minutes.

FYI:  A large egg is approximately 1.78 oz.
The dough will come out very wet, you might have to add flour or you can reduce the buttermilk. I’ve done it with just plane milk and buttermilk, comes out good either way.  I always use more jalapenos than what it calls for because I don’t want to waste them… I usually just use a whole one for either size.



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