About Redneck Recipes

I was thinking recently how nice it would be to have access to my Mom’s recipes without having to constantly pester her to send them to me via e-mail. My brother Adam started a website dedicated to recipes a few years back; Zomgfood’s Weblog. Unfortunately his crazy job prevents him from spending much time on the internet, so it is essentially a static page.

I thought the idea of a recipe website was a great idea, but I wanted to add the flexibility of allowing all of my family members and friends the opportunity to add their own recipes. As it turns out, WordPress has the tools built in for me to do that. Outstanding!!

I hope you enjoy the recipes you find on this site. If you have something you’d like to share, send it here.


7 Responses to “About Redneck Recipes”

  1. Joy Says:

    So the recipes I thought I sent you never sent… Where can I send recipes to be added?
    Thanks, Joy

    • bofh69 Says:

      Hello Joy! Thank you so much for visiting our little recipe blog. On the main page, right hand side, is a section that says “Have a killer recipe??” Immediately below that is a link you can click on that says ‘Tell Redneck Recipes’. This will launch your e-mail application with the correct e-mail address already in the e-mail. Please let me know if you have any issues with it.

      We are always happy to post recipes for tasty food! 🙂

  2. sue collett Flanagan Says:

    Happy Sunday Morning! After how many years ???? I finally put step one and two together and I am officially a ‘follower’ of my favorite source of recipes. No more …. “Sandra please HELP! I forgot what goes in the veggie chowder? white trash, crustless pecan pie” , etc etc etc

    • bofh69 Says:

      Hi Miss Sue! Glad to have you on board! Ain’t it great having Mom’s recipes in a convenient location?

    • Sandra Says:

      Sue, you can get recipes two ways: (1) look in catagories i.e. Dips, main dishes, etc. (2) in the search bar for specifics: ‘white trash’ ‘pecan pie muffins’. I don’t think the veggie chowder is there. I’ll try to get it there today. Love you.

  3. sue collett Flanagan Says:

    It sure is! And yours too. You are such an awesome guy! Love you!

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